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 Frequently Asked Questions
Is Drag Strip Deaths (DSD) the only website devoted to this topic?

No.  Motorsport Memorial (MSM) is a well-researched site giving much information about drag racing accident deaths.   There is also a simple listing of deceased top fuel and funny car drivers whose careers spanned the years 1950 to 1979 in wediditforlove.com.

How is DSD different from other websites?

Drag Strip Deaths is strictly focused on the accidental deaths of drag race drivers only.  MSM contains information on deaths relating to all kinds of motorsports, including spectator deaths at racing events.  DSD was created to add more information and more visual graphics, particularly photos of the driver and vehicle and links to video clips.  Although MSM does contain some photos, that has not been their focus.  DSD contained more than twice as many drag racer deaths than MSM at its inception in 2010.  By arranging the deaths in 5-year incremental categories, DSD offers an easier way to view the concentration of accidental deaths by years in the sport. 

How do I suggest corrections or supply additional information?

Click on the link entitled "Contact Me."  We also want to be as comprehensive as possible.  If we are missing drivers who died while racing, please let us know so no one is overlooked. 

How do I share memories or information about a driver/car?

Click on the category entitled "Forums" to add your memories.  "Forums" is also the place where interesting additional information about a driver or car may be added for public viewing.  The biographical information in the driver entry is intended to be just a brief report of the accident, person, and driving career. "Forums" is where more detailed information can be elaborated.  We invite you to share what you know with others. 

How do I send photographs of a driver/car to DSD?

Click on "Contact Me" to send a JPEG format (.jpg or .jpeg) image no larger than 250 KB file size of a driver or car.   We invite the submission of photographs to enhance DSD, but please do not send copyrighted photos.  If you send photos from other websites, please cite the source and copy the URL so we can give proper attribution.

Have you found a video clip that could be added to a driver entry?
Although we are selective, we would like to include links to video clips for as many drivers as possible.  Click on "Contact Me" to share URL links to good video clips.
Why should I register as a member of this site?

Members can receive e-mail alerts when new entries or interesting information in the "Forums" are added.  It provides contact information for the administrator to confidentially inform a member if someone is interested in making contact.

Do you know about other drag race drivers who died at a drag strip?

We are trying to be as comprehensive as possible.  If you know of other drivers who aren't yet listed on the website, please send their names and any information about them or their death.  We have quite a few names already about which we know little more than that they may have died while at a drag racing event.  They include Dubby Evans, Bruce Funk, Jimmy Gallucci, Doug Mead, Tommy Moran, Chris Peterson, John Shelby, and "Hump" (at Phenix City Drag Strip in Alabama).  At this point, all we have are their names.  If we can at least learn the year of their death, we can then add them into the listing.

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