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A close friend of mine witnessed the incident firsthand at Riverside Raceway, Nashville in 1975. I have no knowledge of him being from Virginia or driving the American Way car, but I know it was reported he had resided in North Carolina and had come with another man whose father worked in the publishing business and acted as sponsor so they could attend the Pro-Comp race in Nashville that day. 
The chassis had been Pete Robinson's TF car, the one reportedly used to win the World Finals in Texas in 1966. It had the odd aluminum pieces inside the roll bar surrounding the driver's helmet and were part of the remains when the roll bar sheared off.
 The engine was a 354 Chrysler borrowed from Bob Amos of Cox and Amos and Music City City Rod Shop fame.  I myself made an offer to purchase it for my own injected Pro Comp dragster. 
If memory serves me correctly, he was racing Spivey Williams' blown alcohol dragster in eliminations when he encountered a dip in the left or tower lane of that track which had caused numerous accidents prior and the few years later. It was a known defect in that track, and the next driver in that lane, later after the incident, was Bill (Kilroy) Hamilton of White Bluff, Tennessee in his front engined blown alcohol dragster. His comments were rather reserved. I am 55 and my friend, Don Sullivan, is 54 so our memories are not infallible, but we were standing on the pit side of the track opposite the dip where Turner went off. There were several other people present that day, but none down track as close as us. We would have been struck if that dip and Turner's accident had been in the right lane instead of the left. There may be other commentary, but this is when and how we recalled it. 
Again, a lot of people were present, but I do not have contact with any since typically that generation is not computer savvy, but I still live 2 exits down I-40 west from the track where that incident took place.You have a well presented site and after talking with my friend, I wanted to write in effort to help clarify the record. Your site is quite remarkable and a marvelous tribute and record to those lost. Hat's off to you Mr. Bashore.  (sent by Tom Stinson, Burns, Tenn.)


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