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I only spoke to this man for 2 or 3 minutes just before the run. I was only a kid, but he was so cool, he shared his plans to go for the land speed record. He was very friendly to me. Bucko posted my original email above.

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Michael Mariani
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Russel Mendez was my good friend from when I met him in 1971 until his death in '75. I was at his funeral and was standing by the hearse when the driver couldn't turn the engine off due to engine run on. I too felt it was a sign that Russel was sending to all of us that he wasn't ready to leave us. He is still in my heart and I remain good friends with his older brother Bob to this day. I knew Ramon and Arvil as well. May they also rest in peace. I remember Schrey very well also. She was always very nice to me back in those days.

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