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My brother, John Toppa, [was a really good friend with Denny Cravero.] John and Denny grew up together in Miami Shores, Fla. They were best friends. I was 12 years old when Denny died, but I do remember him always joking around with me when I was with my brother. I remember them getting me to hold a spark plug on a lawnmower while it was running. I remember feeling the vibration, not knowing I was being shocked, I kept holding it. They couldn’t believe it so one of them tried it and felt the shock and let loose. I don’t hold spark plugs any more. I have an irregular heartbeat, and I always wonder if it was from holding all the spark plugs when they bet their friends I could. They were always under the hood of some car in front of the house, tweaking it. Then the drag racing their own cars. My brother took it very hard when Denny got killed in the crash. My brother said he had planned to take me to that race . He had mixed emotions that he missed it.  (submitted by Michael Toppa, 9/28/18


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