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This photo was taken at the top end. As you can see, he was fully engulfed before the lights. For proof it was his car, the tell-tale sign is the air holes in the back wing of the body. You can see the configuration on this image and other images that day before the run. I was shooting with a 35mm film camera from Sears and noticed that when he left the line he had huge header flames, so I followed him all the way down the track with a motor drive, I just got lucky with this shot, but as far as I know I have the only image of the fire. His wife and Bob Frey Jr. each have a copy of this image. Growing up in West Chester, I was a huge Dodger and Jungle fan, in fact my uncle lived next door to Jungle and I would visit all the time as a kid. (submitted by Charles Hoopes, 6/11/17)


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